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On my previous post, I shared my Google Code-in experience and the thrill of finally being chosen as one of the Grand Prize Winners for GCI 2019. Each Grand Prize Winner is granted an all-expense four-day trip to Google Headquarters in San Francisco, California USA.

Well, that was before coronavirus became a thing.

Worst than Losing

My father is always listening to news about the virus, and how it is rapidly spreading. He always told me that he’s got a feeling that my trip might be cancelled, as some major events are already getting called off (Google I/O, Facebook F8, Apple WWDC, etc.)…

Google Code-in ( GCI ) is an annual programming competition that introduces teenagers ages 13–17yrs old to the field of Open Source through coding, research, quality assurance, or design tasks for an organization of their choice. By the end of the competition, each open-source organization will choose two students as Grand Prize Winners, who will be granted an all-expense four-day trip to Google Headquarters in San Francisco, California USA.

My Brief History with GCI

This was my 3rd year joining this competition and is probably one of the most memorable. I first joined GCI back in 2017, and have chosen Catrobat as the organization which…

It’s been so long since I went outside, the lockdowns had been going on and off for these past months.

I used to go out every Sunday to attend Mass, which I can’t do now that the country I’m staying in is in lockdown. I did celebrate Mass in Church on Christmas Eve, but that’s just about it. The country was thrown into lockdowns after lockdowns after Advent, making it impossible to go to Church together with my family. And it so happens that February 17 was Ash Wednesday already, the start of Lent. …

This post is the continuation of the Model and API creation, so be sure to check out part 1 of this series first!

Part 2 of the series will be focused on creating a very simple web app that asks for Iris’s petal and sepal width and length. It will then make a call to the Iris Classification Model API to classify the type of Iris flower based on the given user data. The web app will be created in PHP and HTML, where it will be hosted in a local server.

Coding the Web App 🖥️

The web app contains four input fields to…

I started my internship at a local company that focuses on Data Science and Machine Learning and as part of my training, I was tasked to create a simple Iris Classification model that identifies the type of Iris category (Versicolor, Virginica and Setosa) based on the given petal and sepal width and length. Being someone who has minimal Machine Learning background, I needed a lot of research and reading in order to arrive at the required output, but it was all worth it.

In this post, I will be sharing the steps I did to create an Iris Classification model…

There is always a time when I don’t feel like coding. Those are the times I don’t understand a single line of code on my console. The language on my computer screen feels like a stranger. I get distracted easily, and there’s this longing to get as far away from my computer as possible. It’s a time where coding doesn’t make any sense.

This is also the time where music comes in. I would feel a sense of longing to sit on my piano, and to play the songs on my sheet music collections. I would also pop in my…

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