My Google Code-In 2019 Experience and The Joys of Becoming a Grand Prize Winner

My Brief History with GCI

This was my 3rd year joining this competition and is probably one of the most memorable. I first joined GCI back in 2017, and have chosen Catrobat as the organization which I will contribute to. Wanting to win the contest on the first shot was I think a bad idea for me as it became stressful and no longer enjoyable. I then changed my mindset, that although I still want to win this competition, I want to learn something new and enjoy what I’m doing. This time, I chose Sugar Labs as my organization for GCI 2018.

Google Code-in 2019: To join, or Not to Join?

GCI 2019 started on December 3, 2019, and lasted until January 26, 2020. Weeks before the start date, I was having second thoughts whether I should sign up again or not, as the competition would clash with school review and exam schedules, and I have a goal of making it on the Dean’s List. But something tells me that I will regret it if I wouldn’t join the GCI 2019, and this thought went on for a couple of days before I finally signed up on the day the competition started. I chose Sugar Labs again as my organization, specifically working with two of its products, Sugarizer ( web implementation of Sugar ) and MusicBlocks ( visual programming language focusing on music composition ). The first few weeks weren’t so bad as I expected, as I had a study break where I used to do more tasks and finished about 2 tasks per day during this time. It only went tougher during and after the exam week, where I only get to finish 2–4 tasks per week.

The Waiting Begins

I read somewhere from previous winner’s blog that Google privately emails the chosen Winners and Finalists before the actual public announcement on the Open Source Blog, which was on February 11. I felt very nervous. My heart jumps whenever I check my email notifications. There are lots of students who did a great job in my organization, but I still hope to be chosen as a Grand Prize Winner, or as a Finalist at least. By the time January was coming to an end, I decided to stop thinking about it, and let tomorrow takes its course.



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Andrea Gonzales

Andrea Gonzales

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